We thoroughly understand the business criticalities of the client and have accumulated stream of skillful candidates to assist the clients to meet their business objectives.

Plan of Action

• Understanding Client’s Requirement
• Search Brief
• Search Plan
• Profiling
• Internal Evaluation
• Finalizing the Best Fit
• Evaluation by Clients
• Selection
• Value Added Benefits
• Risk Mitigation


Salary Range and Professional Fees Chargeable
• Up to CTC of 10 Lacs 8.33% of Annual CTC
• Between 10-15 Lacs 10.33% of Annual CTC
• Above 15 Lacs 12% of Annual CTC

Once Invoice is raised by -Ekluvya Consultancy- should be settled within 30 days (Thirty Days) from the submission of the Invoice.
• If a candidate leaves within 90 days of joining (Including training), we will find a replacement which will not be charged. No replacement criteria for the replace candidates, If we are not fulfill the replacement within 15 working days from date of intimation so we are liable to adjust the amount in next invoice. This warranty is only if the candidate leaves voluntarily but we should be intimated as soon as he leaves.
• Gross will include Basic, HRA, PF, LTA, Medical, Uniform Allowance, Soft Furnishing Allowance, Education allowance, Periodicals Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Conveyance and any other remuneration under any other head which is given as monthly /annual compensation. (This will exclude only sales and performance incentives.)

Terms & Conditions

• If Ekluvya Consultancy Services finds any wrong activity like a candidate has joined and company is denying then we will charge double of invoice or we may choose to move ahead with legal proceedings.
• Ekluvya Consultancy hold the rights on the candidates for next six months 6 months, then Ekluvya Consultancy has the rights to charge the company from the date of sharing the Candidate’s details/resume. If company hires any candidate shared by Ekluvya Consultancy within the last
• ECS will not be accountable for conducting any Personal Reference, Driving Records, Past Professional Investigations and Criminal Conviction Checks. If due to above stated events, company fires any candidate, then Ekluvya Consultancy would not be liable for free replacement.
• If Ekluvya Consultancy is unable to provide replacement within one month, then we are liable to adjust the amount in next invoice. But the employee termination should be informed by the company within 7 days of he/she leaves.