We first understand your business and your actual requirements of the positions. Then we do a computer-based search through the databank.
We further scrutinize the resumes of the short listed professionals to identify possible candidates who fit the requirement. Then we contact each of these candidates, discuss with them about the company & opportunity, their interest & availability.
Only candidates who are interested and filling the JD of company in pursuing this opportunity are confirmed for the interview with the company's prearranged location and schedule.

We follow up with the candidates prior to the interview to ensure that they stay with the schedule and that the scheduled interview process goes through smoothly.
Following the interview we would get the feedback from the candidates on the interviews and mutual perceptions.
We assist at various stages right up to the time the candidate joins your organization. We enjoy a personal and reputable relationship with candidates & clients; therefore we are able to keep close contacts with them, learning about their interests and availability from time to time. We are not looking for a one time business of recruiting some positions. We are seeking a longer term relationship to be built upon trust and mutual understanding.


Though each selection, we have a established a 8 step process that ensures Selection of Candidate